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[More or less finalized 9:51 AM the next morning.]

He steps through the door into the courtyard. One of the costumed figures turns at the sound of the door closing behind him. "How'd it go?" she asks.

Michael is somewhat nonplussed. "Sorry?"

"The mission."

"What mission? What are you talking about?"

The woman in blue and gold rolls her eyes. "Where'd you get the powers, eBay? You come out of a door on Peregrine Island, and—"

"Is that the name of this city? All I know is that it's not Chambersburg." He notices the sign at the center of the courtyard. "'Portal Corporation'. What sort of portals would those be, exactly? The dimensional sort?"

"Well, duh. How'd you get here, not knowing that?" She blinks more closely. "Waitaminnit... you're not in the FBSA database!"

"I'm not surprised. Would you believe me if I said this isn't my Earth?"

"...Yeah, I think I would." Under her breath, she adds, "Great. Another newb."

* * *

His interlocutor turns out to be Witchwind ("a level 44 Mutation Defender, like that means anything to you"), and Peregrine Island turns out to be just one of many neighborhoods of Paragon City, Rhode Island (located on the west shore of Naragansett Bay). As they make their way to someone who can get him into the Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs, she fills him in on the history of Paragon City from its 1823 incorporation to the present.

It's an involved trip; first she has to fly them (that power hasn't come back to him) to the ferry running to a place called Talos Island, where they catch a monorail around to the "Steel Canyon" neighborhood. There, they transfer from the "Green Line" tram to the "Yellow Line" that serves the city center.

"And people have to walk a mile through this gang-haunted district to change trains?"

Witchwind shrugs. "It worked before the Rikti War, and they don't have the money to move the tracks or anything."

"Or put another Green Line station in Skyway City?"


The Yellow Line brings them to Atlas Park, where a brief interview with Brighid Moreira, the City Representative, gets him in the database as Dr. Primoris, a Security Level 1 mutation blaster (Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation).

"You'll be training with the Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team," she says. "The GIFT office here in Atlas Park is staffed by Antonio Nash, and Prince Kiros Nandelu handles the one in Galaxy City. Which would you rather meet with?"

Dr. Primoris thinks about it for a moment. "Nash, I think. I've got a lot of wasted crime-fighting time to make up."

"Very well. I'll set up an appointment with him right away."

This, Michael thinks as he heads down the hall to New Hero Training, will be a good life. Good enough.

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*sends good luck thoughts through a very meta way.*


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