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As always, there's a moment of dizziness as the reclamator puts him back together in better condition. Dr. Primoris, a level 15 mutation blaster, takes a moment to get his thoughts in order.

One of his newest contacts here in Paragon City is Virginia Hoffman, an artist whose career is a study in paradox — she was and is the sculptress of the superhero statues that adorned so much of the city, and she's an abstract painter and performance artist so avant-garde she's downright dernier cri. Her contacts in the cultural underground often mention things in her presence that they probably shouldn't, and she in turn passes these tidbits on to heroes.

The particularly juicy piece of news she'd passed on to him involved one Storm Strider, a rising star in the Tsoo crime syndicate. He'd been stockpiling cursed weapons in a semi-abandoned office building in Steel Canyon, and Virginia'd suggested that Primoris might want to go in there and confiscate them before the Iron Hands Master could use them for whatever fell purpose he had in mind.

As it happened, Primoris had never got anywhere near even the first of the four weapons caches Virginia's information led him to expect. Those damnable Sorcerers the Tsoo employed had been a persistent pain in his patoot until, finally, his inability to deal with them and the surrounding Enforcers at once landed him face down on a lobby floor... and, a few moments later, here in Steel Canyon Medical Center being restored by salvaged Rikti tech.

He's ready to say "fuck it" and come back to Storm Strider's stockpile when he's gained another Security Level and could face them on hopefully better terms. In preparation for this, he starts calling his other contacts, at least the ones who still have something for him to do. It happens that Warren Trudeau, the FBI agent based out of Skyway City, wants him to put the hurt on the Tsoo wherever he can, and even has a device that might help to that end: a Lethargy Inducer, which will slow its targets down enough that they should be easier to finish off.

Payback's a mother, isn't it? Michael thinks as he takes possession of the inducer (the same teleport system that lets the hospital retrieve heroes on or near the brink of death, also lets their contacts send them useful equipment at any range). Storm Strider's base of operations is close enough to the hospital that he could walk, but since he regained the power of flight, he likes to use it when he can.

"Isn't Dr. Primoris just the best?" says one onlooker as he swoops lazily over to the office building and opens the door.
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