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[Context: The chattering classes.]

freelanceHacker began trolling dividedMalakh

DM: Early adopters for the win?

FH: ...nobody says "for the win" anymore, Doc. You sound like an old man trying and failing to sound hip.
DM: Oh good, it's working. 8-)
FH: Sometimes I really don't understand you, Doc.
DM: Sometimes I regret that, Hiro.
DM: Other times I sincerely pray you never do.

FH: ...okay, man, it's cool.

ceased trolling dividedMalakh.

piesAmarillas began trolling dividedMalakh

PA: yo
how's it going?
dM: Faded yellow font, username that means "yellow feet"... I'm guessing that's The Cheat.
PA: yeah, it's Teh C. here.
PA: m
an, what is up with these color changes?
DM: only seems to affect the letters H, E, T, A and C.
DM: Or to put it another way, the letters C, H, E, A and T.

PA: ...oh, real nice.
PA: I'm gonn
a gnaw Karkat's face off, I swear, rule one or no rule one.
DM: Well, he is a troll. Perhaps you should congratulate him on a job well done.
PA: yeah, sure. congratulate him... and then gnaw his face off.

ceased trolling dividedMalakh.

dividedMalakh began trolling maloFuerte

DM: How goes it, Strong Bad?
MF: Good goes, Diggy. Now alone me leave with my one cold, about it how?

maloFuerte ceased trolling dividedMalakh.

spatialMartyr began trolling dividedMalakh
SM: so whaT are you up 2, Michael?
SM: whaT The hell? ThaT's noT how i Typed iT!
SM: why's iT doing ThaT2My TexT?

DM: ...
SM: ...
DM: I'm not sure, but I think we have our answer.
SM: ...whaT do you Mean?
DM: Just what we saw. You may not be part of Team Tomorrow anymore, but the chat client...
SM: won'T leT Me forgeT. wonderful.
DM: The Cheat was having something similar happen to him. Maybe you should compare notes.
SM: sounds like a plan 2Me. argh!
SM: double argh! iT sTill won'T do capiTal leTTers where i wanT iT2!
SM: Triple argh!

ceased trolling dividedMalakh.

dividedMalakh began trolling unifyingForce

DM: What do you think, Master Kenobi?
UF: Aa! Dr Donighal!
UF: I'm not certain as to the point of this. I can contact most of you through the Force, after all.
UF: And though it's harder to reach you and Jennifer, I still see you both in person often enough.

DM: Ah, but the Force doesn't reach across realities, does it?
UF: ...I suppose not. But I rather doubt I'll use this for any other purpose.
DM: Fair enough.

ceased trolling unifyingForce.

appleJunkie began trolling dividedMalakh

AJ: Hello, Michael.
DM: ...have we met, sir?
AJ: Not formally. But I see you over there, and I can see your name from here. *waves*
DM: ...are you an adult troll, then?
AJ: I wouldn't know an adult troll if it ran up and bit me. Which it might just do, hyuk, hyuk...
DM: ...I see. You're a juvenile troll in an adult body. Very well, then.

has blocked appleJunkie.
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