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md_donighal: (Divis Mal has ARMS? WTF?, cape, I know your worth, Divis Mal, I got the power) (Default)
  • cape,
  • Divis Mal,
  • Divis Mal has ARMS? WTF?,
  • I got the power,
  • I know your worth
md_donighal: (past, Dr. Primoris, Adventure Era, Inspiration Age, simpler times)
  • Adventure Era,
  • Dr. Primoris,
  • Inspiration Age,
  • past,
  • simpler times
md_donighal: (mutation blaster, mutation, blaster, supergroup, white suit)
  • blaster,
  • mutation,
  • mutation blaster,
  • supergroup,
  • white suit
md_donighal: (City of Heroes, hero, Paragon City, Dr. Primoris (2), man in the gray suit)
  • City of Heroes,
  • Dr. Primoris (2),
  • hero,
  • man in the gray suit,
  • Paragon City
md_donighal: (Halloween, Alec, love)
  • Alec,
  • Halloween,
  • love
md_donighal: (fucking Milliways, Nexus LOL, WTF?, oh my)
  • fucking Milliways,
  • Nexus LOL,
  • oh my,
  • WTF?
md_donighal: (Divis Mal (2), scowling, Subject Alpha-001, I sense your frustration, ...demands an explanation for this BS)
  • ...demands an explanation for this BS,
  • Divis Mal (2),
  • I sense your frustration,
  • scowling,
  • Subject Alpha-001
Comment: Seriously, the Beacon Mal demands an explanation for this bullshit.
md_donighal: (I have seen your destiny, future, ...gonna have to choke a bitch?, Speech of Divis Mal, your legacy is our future)
  • ...gonna have to choke a bitch?,
  • future,
  • I have seen your destiny,
  • Speech of Divis Mal,
  • your legacy is our future
md_donighal: (Halloween 2007, posthuman rights, Magneto)
  • Halloween 2007,
  • Magneto,
  • posthuman rights
Comment: Who's based on whom? Depends on your point of view.
md_donighal: (freak flag, out and proud, gay pride, Aberrant Era, Divis Mal is GAY? WTF?)
  • Aberrant Era,
  • Divis Mal is GAY? WTF?,
  • freak flag,
  • gay pride,
  • out and proud
md_donighal: (smoked glasses, Dr. Primoris (3), Golden Age)
  • Dr. Primoris (3),
  • Golden Age,
  • smoked glasses
md_donighal: (classic cartoon, Dr. Primoris (4), OOC, ha ha only serious)
  • classic cartoon,
  • Dr. Primoris (4),
  • ha ha only serious,
  • OOC
md_donighal: (Trinity Era, not amused, cartoon, present, Divis Mal (3))
  • cartoon,
  • Divis Mal (3),
  • not amused,
  • present,
  • Trinity Era
md_donighal: (Teragen, dark side, the One Race, Nova Age)
  • dark side,
  • Nova Age,
  • Teragen,
  • the One Race
md_donighal: (T-Minus, trolltag, dividedMalakh)
  • dividedMalakh,
  • T-Minus,
  • trolltag