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Would you rather lead or follow?



Because of most of the would-be leaders I'd have been following. I have only met one man in my life that I would follow. And I would still follow him.

Yes, you heard it here first: if Maxwell Anderson Mercer contacted me today and expressed a need for my assistance, I would be at his side so rapidly that your head would literally spin to watch it. If he told me to follow him in a frontal assault on Hell itself, or even on Heaven, I'd go, and I'd look forward to the trip — because with the two of us together, I know we'd win.

What role do you see yourself playing out over your life, leader or follower?

Over my life to date, I'd say I've been a leader more than I've been a follower. I was Max's follower, man and boy, for over thirty years, including the twenty years with Æon. After that, I was on my own for roughly half a century before N-Day. Then, I spent five years subtly guiding those novas who seemed to get it, and another half-century or so leading them openly. Since the Ultimatum, I've spent six decades as the spiritual leader of those novas who followed me into my Personal Space.

Ironic, that last, given that I once told the Pantheon I didn't enjoy the role of teacher. But since I said that, I've learned what it's like to have pupils who really listen — not to mention pupils who occasionally challenge you.

If a teacher is a leader, then I'm a leader again. I've found a new pupil, a most unusual one, and offered to teach him mastery of his powers.

But if I find a leader I deem worthy of me — as Max was, as Max still is — I'll follow him gladly.


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