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What is the biggest lie you ever told? What were the consequences?

"I'm getting tired of this role. I am a visionary, a warrior and a lover of life, but unlike my father, I do not enjoy the role of teacher."

Only the part in boldface was a flat-out lie, but it was a big one. I believed it myself when I said it, but I was lying. The truth is, when I have pupils worthy of me, I enjoy teaching them. And when I have followers flocking to my vision, I enjoy that too. Too damn much for my own good, in fact.

I've spoken of the circumstances under which I told it: in 2008, when I came out of my fourth Chrysalis to find novakind in turmoil and the Teragen in need (I thought) of my guidance. It had become clear to them, and it soon became clear to me, that Æon wanted war between the One Race and its human ancestors. So we resolved to prepare for that war, and to cleanse the movement of those uninterested in fighting it, or "overly" interested in their humanity.

The immediate consequences were referred to, by those with a sense of history, as the Night of Long Knives. Many of the movement's voices of moderation were swept away: the Mathematician, the Apothecary, Bounty, my beloved Jeremiah Scripture. In their places, the radicals rose: Shrapnel, Geryon, the Confederate, Leviathan, Epoch...

The ultimate consequence was, or will be, the Aberrant War. I won't pretend it was inevitable, just because Max had foreseen it; there were plenty of chances to avoid it. If I'd been anyone else, I probably would have taken one of those chances. Lord knows I should have, whether or not I could have.

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