Aug. 22nd, 2004 10:06 am
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What is the most important value you can pass onto [sic] your child?

In the conventional sense, I'm probably the wrong person to answer this, since I'm unlikely ever to become a father. (That I'm aware of, at least — I noticed Sophia Rousseau's resemblance to me. However, since I wasn't there to raise her, I doubt it matters for these purposes.)

But in a larger sense, all novas were my children. Every eximorph who erupted between March 23, 1998, and September 7, 2061, erupted because of my actions, after all.

For five years, I left them to their own devices, keeping an eye on those who seemed to be figuring it out. When Jeremiah told me the time was right, I appeared to them. I gave them a name. I gave them a purpose.

And I taught them the one value nova and baseline alike need most: knowledge of self. Figure out who you are, and who you want to be. If you aren't who you want to be, do your damnedest to become him or her.

(Privately.) I didn't consciously realize it until I came to this universe, but for much of my lifetime, my relationship to Æon was central to who I was — first as Dr. Primoris, devil's advocate in residence, then as Æon's nemesis. That, as much as anything, is the center of the problem — who am I without Æon in my life?


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