Oct. 1st, 2004

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Who has had the most influence on your life?

Almost beyond question, Maxwell Anderson Mercer. I idolized him for years before I realized how I really felt about him. It was because I couldn't tell him how I felt that I spent so much time keeping all my other dreams at arm's length. (Yes, that's right; Divis Mal has arms.) If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't have gone to London to see Hammersmith's demonstration, and Dr. Primoris (let alone Divis Mal) would never have existed, and I probably wouldn't be anyone you'd bother asking these questions of.

Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?

Not really, though I don't refuse an adventure when it offers the opportunity for me to learn something. I've always considered myself more of a scholar than a hero. I once told the movement that I don't enjoy the role of teacher, and that was true; I'd much rather learn than teach.

Mind you, I suppose any exploration of any real depth involves adventure, but the adventure isn't the point of the exploration, at least not to me.

Do you confront your problems head on, or ignore them until you have to do something? Do you procrastinate?

As a number of commentators have observed, that depends on the size of the problem. The bigger it is, the harder it becomes to face it.

Like telling another man you love him, always have loved him and always will, when you're fairly sure he doesn't and can't return that love, in an age when such love dared not speak its name anyway.

But, for someone as powerful as I am on the quantum level, most purely physical problems aren't very big. It's the mental problems that're the piss-cutters.

How do you handle disappointment?

As with handling problems, that depends on the nature and size of the disappointment. Let me give you an example.

My gods feed me blood and mangoes; your gods feed you Kool-Aid and white bread. )


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